Spam Quarantine

Below is some information on using our spam filter. To manage you quarantine and settings, you can log in directly here:

Spam Quarantine Login

Deleting Multiple Messages

To perform actions on more than one message at a time, first log in to your quarantine. The nofication email you receive on a daily or weekly basis requires you to specify an action for each individual email in your quarantine. In your actual quarantine, you can use the checkbox next to each email to perform group actions on multiple emails.

To select all messages, use the checkbox at the top of the quarantined messages table.

Problems Logging into Spam Quarantine

If you forget your password or do not have a password, go to the spam quarantine login at, type your email address in the Username box. Then, click "Create New Password". A new password will be sent to you.

Your spam quarantine password is separate from your email login password, so resetting your spam quarantine password won't affect your normal email login.

Problems Whitelisting Addresses

If you have whitelisted an address previously, however the same email still frequently gets quarantined, the problem may be that the email address is changing with each email.

Newsletters are commonly sent out with a different email address everyday. If you are whitelisting this address each day, the spam filter won't pick up on the new address. To overcome this, simply whitelist the domain that the newsletter is sent from.

You can whitelist a domain in your spam quarantine by:

  • Clicking on "Preferences"
  • Entering the domain - "" for example
  • Clicking "Add"

The domain is now whitelisted in your quarantine, and further mailings should now go through.