Email Troubleshooting

Below are some common email-related issues and suggestions

I can receive mail, but I cannot send mail

This is a common problem with several possible causes.

First, make sure you are using the correct outgoing server settings. It is possible that you are using an invalid server, or you are not authenticating on the outgoing server. Also, you can try changing your outgoing SMTP port number, as some ISPs block outbound SMTP connections on the standard port, 25.

It is also possible that your antivirus software is mishandling the outbound SMTP traffic. Major antivirus suites all monitor outbound SMTP traffic, which, if this layer of the antivirus breaks or corrupts, causes all SMTP traffic to drop completely. This is a fairly common problem, we recommend Kaspersky Anti-virus for system protection.

I received an email from myself, is my account hijacked?

Probably not. Email "spoofing" is another very common occurance, where a sender emails a message with false information. Because there is no validation on whether the sending address is legitimate, there is no way to verify that an email is truely from who it states.

I received an email from you asking me for my account information. Is this legitimate?

No. This type of attack is known as a phishing attack, and they happen rather often. These messages usually specify some form of error with our databases or records and ask you to supply your information, or update your information, via email. These messages are not legitimate.

We will never ask you for you to verify or supply your account information, especially not by email.

If you feel you have supplied information to an attack similar to this, please contact us as soon as possible to update your login credentials.